In 2018, MTS is giving thanks to God for 40 years of multiplying Gospel workers through ministry apprenticeships.

Where better to celebrate and give thanks than the place where the first MTS ministry apprentices were trained - at the University of New South Wales.

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Eventbrite - MTS 40th Thanksgiving Celebration

When:   Saturday 16th June, 2018, 4-7pm
Where:  Roundhouse, UNSW



What was the name of the first ministry apprentice recruitment conference and what year was it held?

The first ministry apprentice recruitment conference was called Club 5 and it was held in 1988.

What were the names of the first male and female MTS Apprentices trained in Canberra?

Richard Wilson (1991) and Grace Lindsay (1991-92) were trained in Canberra by Dave McDonald. Richard with his wife Pinuccia are serving with ECM in Italy. 
Grace (now Grace Wright), along with her husband Jono, are serving with Australian Indigenous Ministries (AIM). They are working amongst Aboriginals in Camooweal and the surrounding communities along the Sandover Highway.

What flourishing vine was growing on one of the two trellises in Col Marshall's backyard? (mentioned in Chapter 1 of his book "The Trellis & The Vine")

"The (other) trellis leans up against the side fence and is barely visible beneath a flourishing jasmine vine." - The Trellis and the Vine, Chapter 1, page 7 

The first trellis was "a very fine piece of latticework" but lacked a vine.

Where was Phillip Jensen when the idea of the Ministry Training Strategy first came to him?

"The idea of the Ministry Training Strategy first came to Phillip Jensen under a shower, and I have had the privilege of seeing him share his life and ministry with trainees over many years."

Excerpt from "Passing the Baton" by Colin Marshall (Acknowledgements, Page 7)


What were the names of the first two MTS Ministry Apprentices that were trained by Phillip Jensen at UNSW?

Tim Thorburn

"I blame MTS for my addictions - to proclaiming Jesus, to building the body of Christ, and to equipping Christians to build the body of Christ."


Almost 40 years on from doing a ministry apprenticeship at UNSW, Tim continues to live out things he learnt. He currently serves with the AFES in Perth WA, evangelising and equipping students to know and serve Jesus, training ministry apprentices, and training pastors to train ministry apprentices in WA and Africa. It is exciting to see the fruit of decades of plodding. Tim's partner-in-life Rosemary also did MTS at UNSW, and they are delighted to see their two adult children trusting and serving Jesus.

Peter Blowes

"My apprentice training was life-forming, and taught me ministry. I apply and cite the lessons to this day. Scripture as sufficient authority (2 Tim 3:16-17), sharing the Gospel and our own lives (1 Thess 2:8) and serving God, and not public opinion (1 Thess 2:4) were outstanding lessons."



Peter and his wife Terry teach, train and mentor leaders and supporters of student movements in Argentina and greater Latin America. Terry focuses on local student ministry in Buenos Aires, while Peter works at both national and international levels. They have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.