And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others. 2 Timothy 2:2

An MTS Apprenticeship is two years of on-the-job training based within a church or a specialist ministry team. Apprenticeships are centred on prayer, Bible study and practical ministry. The essence of MTS is not formal instruction but learning through active participation. Two years provides enough time for MTS Apprentices to establish ministries and learn from success and failure.


The MTS Apprentice pathway is designed to give you on the job experience and training prior to theological study. It is centred on prayer, Bible study and practical ministry.

It is a 2 year, hands-on, full time ministry apprenticeship. MTS Apprentice gives you the opportunity to ‘live the life’ of a full time gospel worker. This MTS option will help you work out:

(i) how you’re wired and (ii) where you might plug in to grow God’s Kingdom in the future.

If a person wants to be a farmer long term, they don’t head off to Yanco Agricultural College as a first port of call. They need to head off to a farm and work alongside an experienced farmer for a couple of years. They need to live through a couple of annual cycles. They need to know what it is like to deliver lambs in the middle of the night, drive a harvester to bring in the grain before it is destroyed by rain and grapple with the blurred boundaries between work and rest.

The MTS Apprentice Pathway is the best way to work out a person’s suitability to be a team leader in the future.


Being in the MTS Apprentice pathway involves a two year program based within a church or a specialist ministry team. The essence of MTS is learning through active participation in evangelism and Bible teaching, all under the leadership of a Trainer.

MTS apprentices that register with MTS will be trained in accordance with the MTS Apprentice Curriculum. They work ‘in the field’ for 3.5 days per week paid and volunteer 1.5 days per week to complete the curriculum requirements.

The MTS Apprentice Curriculum grows leaders in 8 learning areas:

1. Bible Study
2. Thinking Theologically
3. Prayer and Godliness
4. Relationships in Ministry
5. Evangelism and World Mission
6. Teaching the Bible
7. Train others in Ministry
8. Leadership