MTS Pathway Brochures


This pathway has been designed for apprentices that intend  going onto Theological College after their apprenticeship.  This pathway places a high emphasis on the apprentice building their ministry skills and acquiring real ministry experience before going to Theological College.


This pathway enables an apprentice to combine hands-on ministry training with completion of a 2 year theological diploma.  Upon completion the apprentice will be ready to be involved in ministry on a full-time basis as a valued team member.


MTS Apprenticeship processing forms

To advise MTS of your intention to offer a ministry apprenticeship, please complete:  Available Apprenticeship Notice (on-line form)

To apply for an available apprenticeship, applicants should complete an Apprenticeship Application (on-line form)

To recommend to MTS that an applicant receive a scholarship or advise that the applicant will be employed by the church as an apprentice, church should complete an Apprentice Recommendation (on-line form)

Information Sheets

The  MTS Curriculum has been developed to assist Trainers to work through the 3 key Learning Areas of an MTS Apprenticeship, with their apprentice - Conviction, Character and Competence.

For more specific information of the MTS Curriculum - click here

The How the Numbers Work information sheet details the financial profile of each MTS Apprenticeship Pathway, and displays them in a side-by-side format to assist comparative understanding.

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