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  • Rick Warner

    Scholarship Extension- Full time Theology student

    Trainer: Full-time student at Moore College

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    About me

    I have had the blessing of growing up in a family who loved God, and being saved at 13. That was the first time that I had really seen my own failures and understood the personal love and grace of God in Christ.Since then, God has grown in me a passion for His glory and seeing the lost come into His Kingdom. I am really thankful for the opportunity to do MTS 2015/16 and excited to grow in my ability to equip, disciple and train others.

    About my Apprenticeship

    I am undertaking a 2 year MTS apprenticeship through EV Church. I am primarily involved in the area of Membership within our Youth and Peninsula services. I will also be helping to care for a number of our weekly Young Adult Growth Groups, running one of our High School evangelistic lunchtime groups as well as an assortment of other varied roles.

    Prayer Points

    I'd appreciate your prayer over the last of my two MTS years.. Pray that God would be continue to deepen my love for Him and His word. Pray that I will be teachable, learning how to best serve God. Also please pray that God would be using me for His Glory to see people come to and grow in Him.