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  • Olivia Vanderhout

    Scholarship Extension- Full time Theology student

    Trainer: Moore Theological College

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    About me

    In a nutshell, I'm a 24 year-old who loves Jesus. While I've had the incredible joy of knowing Jesus all my life, so many people in our world haven't. I want to help them come to know and worship the God who knows them and loves them, and be saved by His grace in Christ. That's why I've headed off to Moore Theological College to keep training for gospel ministry.

    About my Apprenticeship

    I've just completed my 2-year MTS apprenticeship in Newcastle. What an adventure! I learned SO MUCH and am keen to keep growing to be more like Christ and to be better equipped to lead His people to follow Him.

    Prayer Points

    Pray I'll adjust well over the 1st few months of a new home, church, and college environment. Pray that God would graciously grow me in my love and knowledge of Him over my years at college. Pray against pride puffing me up - ask God to help me sit humbly under his word and depending on Him in everything. My prayers is that God will use me to bring glory to Jesus as I study and into the future! I would love to keep you updated. You can subscribe to my regular newsletter here: