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  • Evan Harris

    Scholarship Extension - Full Time Theology Student

    Trainer: Steve Gooch

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    About me

    In the wilderness of Western Sydney lies Kingswood. In this wilderness lies a squire named Evan Harris. He will follow his trained knight, Steve Gooch, and learn how to approach the battle of ministry with a hands on experience.With the sword of the Spirit and his shield of faith, will Evan survive?Stay tuned to find out...

    About my Apprenticeship

    My apprenticeship will be placed among 3 main ministries within Kingswood Anglican:1. SBF+ - This is our 7pm service on a Sunday. It is directed at the young adults demographic and consists of music, food and most importantly the Word of God. I'll be heading up the service making sure it runs smoothly each week as well as leading, occasionally preaching and running a growth group.2. Youth Group - I'll be helping out our youth group team on a Friday night. We have about 20-30 kids each week and its amazing to see them grow in Christ each week.3. Uni Ministry - We are lucky enough to have Cameron Howard (Assistant Minister, Staff Worker and ex-MTS'er) at Kingswood and he's asked me to come along and do some ministry work on campus. This will be a combo of walk-up at the residential site, bible studies and main meetings.

    Prayer Points

    - Be praying for God to be working through me as I work through all of these things- Ask God for courage and wisdom as I take his gospel to non-Christians at uni and youth.- Pray for juggling act of ministry, marriage and mates and making sure I keep Christ centered above all else