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  • Ben Harris

    Scholarship Extension- Full time Theology student

    Trainer: Full-time Theology Student

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    About me

    I live in beautiful Wollongong with my wife Sophie and son Reuben who was born december 2017.We love people, and both have therapy degrees, occupational therapy and art therapy (you can guess who is which)We are all about meals with friends, good coffee, new experiences and adventure.We are convinced that jesus is the king, and want to spend the one life hes given us helping other people hear about that good news and bow the knee to him.

    About my Apprenticeship

    We are at Salt church and love gathering there. As a student minister im involved across a range of things, but my focus is on helping us be a church that knows jesus, grows to love him more, and submit to his word joyfully. Sophie directs music, and helps church think about how we are making much of God, especially when we gather together on a Sunday.