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  • Matt and Chloe Hearne

    Hunter Bible Church

    Trainer: Jo Clark & Dave Allen

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    About me

    Chloe and I both grew up in the North West of NSW (Gunnedah and Quirindi). We both studied at Newcastle university where we met at Hunter Bible Church. Chloe studied Occupational Therapy and I studied Physiotherapy. We both grew up with church as a big part of our lives and through Uni we both grew in what it meant to be a Christian and what it looked like to serve Jesus with our whole lives. We got married in May 2016 and together decided we wanted to be freed up to do ministry and see if full time paid ministry was for us.

    About my Apprenticeship

    We are both doing a 2 year apprenticeship with Hunter Bible Church in Newcastle. Throughout the apprenticeship we get to have a hands on experience about what full time ministry looks like, while being trained by a senior staff member (Jo Clark and Dave Allen). We get to experience a wide range of ministries including campus ministry to uni students, leading bible studies, scripture in schools, kids programs, helping people join church well and many other things. It's a great chance to grow in our character as we face many challenges and hardships, as well as great joy!

    Prayer Points

    Please be praying for:Our Prayer lives - that we would bring everything to God!University is about to start which means loads of new people. Pray that God would use Unichurch to engage students with the gospel. Pray that we as a church would do a good job of loving first years that are living on the residential colleges, helping them get settled in as well as inviting the Christians we meet to join us at Unichurch.Pray that Unichurch will be a church who love to see God glorified and His name made known at Newcastle Uni.Pray for us as Matt and I continue to read the bible 1:1 with men and women respectively that we would point people back to Jesus as we open Gods word with them.Pray for me (Chloe) as I lead an AM congregation Women's Growth Group (bible study) this year, that I would be faithful in teaching Gods word and thoughtful in loving and caring for the women God has placed in my group.Pray for Matt as he plans O'week and other Semester 1 events that he would trust in Gods sovereignty and have a desire to see students love God and love gathering as His people.