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  • Nicholas Trevena

    St Paul's Anglican Church Carlingford & North Rocks

    Trainer: Mike Everett

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    Target: 56000. Raised: 36600. Target Date:

    About me

    I'm Nic, often colloquially known as "Nic Trev". I like reading novels, writing Goodreads reviews about novels and drinking coffee. I don't really follow sports, but I get excited about sports when I listen to people who like sports get excited about sports. I got married this year (2018), and chatting with my wife over a cup of tea is another favourite activity of mine.

    About my Apprenticeship

    I'm in my second year of my apprenticeship, it's hard to believe how close I am to the end (December 31)!Second year has been a challenging time, as I've become more competent I have also become more busy! Although I have been involved in largely the same ministries as first year (kids, youth and Night Church), my effectiveness and responsibility has also increased.My character, convictions and competency in gospel work have all grown over the course of my apprenticeship and what I am particularly thankful for is that I feel more solid as a Christian than I have ever been before.Worth it? Absolutely. I'll looking back on my experiences over these two years for a long time in the future as I serve Jesus.I'm planning to head to bible college after my apprenticeship, but it probably won't be next year (probably the year after).

    Prayer Points

    - Praise God for how he has grown me over the last two years. It's been really hard at points, but I'm a more mature Christian and a more effective gospel worker now than I was. - Pray for my wife and I to continue growing together in love and unity in the gospel.- Pray for continued growth for me in organisation and in managing my work well, it's been a huge weak spot I've discovered (that everybody else already knew about!) It's about me loving people better, I take it as a serious issue of holiness so please pray for change in my heart and behaviour.- Pray for those I serve with, the teams I lead and the people I serve: that Christ would be formed in them, that they would know God's love, even though it surpasses understanding!