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  • Anastasia Slater

    St Aidan's Presbyterian Church

    Trainer: Jon Blyth

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    About me

    Hi all, I'm Stacey-I know, confusing right?I grew up in Swan Hill in NW Vic, after graduating high school in 2012 I moved up to Wagga for Uni. Over the past 5 years I have been studying a Bachelor of Animal Science and have been involved in the AFES student ministry group on campus. Hobbies? All the aspects of my life I enjoy and love setting time aside for but besides uni, farm work and church I am also part of the Australian Air Force Cadets-I love the fact that this is another circle in my life filled with so many people yet to know Christ. Over my years at uni I was struck by the need for Jesus in rural Australia, it's all well and good that so many people come to uni and find Jesus but what about everyone else? In my final years of uni I was considering an apprenticeship so that I can be a worker in this harvest field, after graduation the opportunity arose and with much prayer I decided that the next stage in my journey is to be devoting my time over the next 2 years to full-time ministry to see what this looks like while being theologically trained. Yes, I have just come out of 5 years of a degree that I love but I am really excited for the next couple of years, seeing what God has in store for me and how this will fit into/become my future.

    About my Apprenticeship

    For the next two years I'll be filling my time with two major areas of training. Theoretical and practical, I suppose. I will be studying a Diploma of Theology through as part of the Timothy Partnership, studying three subjects per session via distance occasionally trekking up to the big smoke for intensive study weeks. The remainder of my week is filled with working in ministry at St Aidan's. This will include teaching primary school scripture, leading a weekly bible study and teaching kid's church at the morning and evening church services.Taking part in this apprenticeship I hope that I'll be able to use and strengthen the gifts that God has given me...and maybe even unearth some more. A lot of my ministry work will be focussing on the children's ministry in the church so I'll be able to watch the little people in the church grow but more importantly I'll be witnessing them grasp the knowledge of Jesus as their Saviour, and by God's grace, accept this for themselves.

    Prayer Points

    Firstly thanking God that we are in a country where this sort of thing is actually legal, that's always great. This is a privilege that many brothers and sisters don't have. Daily being reminded that it is by Grace that I am saved and that it is by Grace that anyone else is saved-not anything that I do...or don't do. Prayer that as I settle into this new stage well. That I'll be joyfully studying to learn more of God and His love and character rather than slipping into the uni brain-we all know how long that content stays in living memory. Please be praying that I can continue to know and follow Christ, finding my identity in Him. That I may have a heart for the lost so that I can be faithfully sharing Jesus and what He has done-loving them with the truth.