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  • Andrew Lopez

    Blakehurst Anglican Church

    Trainer: Ross Ryan

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    Target: 31964. Raised: 30817. Target Date:

    About me

    I have a passion for growing and serving God's kingdom, and am hoping that working at church for two years will help me discover where my gifts lie and if congregational ministry is right for me. Please partner with me in prayer (see below) as none of this is possible without God!

    About my Apprenticeship

    My apprenticeship is a hybrid involving two days a week studying at Youthworks College and working at Blakehurst Anglican. My work at church consists mainly of: -Leading youth group, doing a few talks a term and building relationships with my kids. -Meeting with and discipling the boys I lead. -Coordinating and leading Blakehurst High School scripture and ISCF groups. -Serving at the 5pm Service through leading, welcoming, etc.-Helping organise young adults events. -Being in the office regularly to learn from the other ministers.

    Prayer Points

    - - - Thank God for the opportunity for me to do MTS at Blakehurst Anglican. - - - Pray that the next year would be a period of growth and learning for me as I decide to pursue a life in ministry. - - - Ask that the ministries at Blakehurst High would start well for term 1. - - - Pray for my relationships with my youth kids and that God would raise me up as a wise and loving leader for them.