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  • Michael and Rachel Huntington

    Albury Bible Church

    Trainer: Chris Little

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    Target: 92000. Raised: 49714. Target Date:

    About me

    Hi! We are Mike and Rach. We have been married since 2015. We live in Albury with our little dog Minky. Rach enjoys tea and knitting. Mike enjoys an eclectic sense of humor. Prior to MTS, Rach wrote a novel and Mike worked in disability support.

    About my Apprenticeship

    Rach reads the Bible one to one with ladies, leads Youth Group and leads the Women's Open Bible Group. Mike reads the Bible one to one with men, leads Youth Group and preaches some Sundays. Mike and Rach are both studying through the Timothy Partnership.

    Prayer Points

    Please pray: - Mike and Rach to be faithful servants of the gospel. - For an ever deepening understanding of the unknowable love of Christ. - For lots of support in prayer and financial giving. If you would like to receive regular prayer points through your email, send Mike an email by hitting the envelope button above.