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  • Bethany Paine

    Hunter Bible Church

    Trainer: Jenny Jeffreys

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    Target: 48000. Raised: 19491. Target Date:

    About me

    I finished my degree as an early childhood/primary teacher in 2016 and since then I had been working over the last year in a childcare centre, which I loved. I enjoy spending my time drinking tea, going on picnics, visiting the monthly Olive tree markets and strolling along the beaches of Newcastle. I enjoy collecting DVD's and watching TV shows. I recently got engaged to an amazing man Tim who is a physio and works for his company. He also loves God and strives to serve Jesus in every aspect of his life. I live in shared housing along with my best friend and two other girls. It has been so encouraging doing life with them. I grew up in a christian family. I am so thankful to my parents who taught my brothers and myself about Jesus.

    About my Apprenticeship

    Over the two years I will be involved in women and children's ministry and working alongside my trainer Jenny Jeffreys. My working week is around 40hours of ministry which involves one to one meet ups with lovely women from my church. I am overseeing maturity at uni church which involves supporting growth group leaders and L2's. I lead an all girls Uni Church group Tuesday nights with my co-leader Keisha. I am apart of an AM congregation bible study Thursday mornings and I am the coordinator for the AM Kids Sunday School Program called Sprout. I attend walk-up at the uni grounds on Tuesdays 12-1pm which involves talking to uni students about Jesus and the gospel.

    Prayer Points

    \\Praise God for his goodness to us each day and for the opportunity I have to work and be trained in ministry.\\Praise God for all the people who have donated and prayed for me. \\Praise God for my FiancÚ Tim who continually supports and loves me. \\Praise God for the safe arrival of my little nephew Howie. \\Praise God for my trainer Jenny who helps me think, be challenged and grow. \\Pray I will continue to trust God during my apprenticeship and find comfort in him, always. \\Pray that I will prioritise reading God's word during my day to day life and ministries. \\Pray for my character and godliness as I grow to be more christlike. \\Pray for my growth of knowledge and love for God. \\Pray for Sprout as I take over from the original coordinator this week. \\Pray that my Sprout team and I will display, teach and love these families greatly. \\Pray for opportunities this year for me to talk to my non- christian friends and family members about Jesus.