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  • Mathew Gillespie

    Hunter Bible Church

    Trainer: Richard Sweatman

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    About me

    Hi! I'm Mat :) I'm a Newcastle and Lake Macquarie local. When I was 5 a Christian knocked on my Mum's door and invited her to Church. Guess what? She went! I came too and became a Christian through Mum trusting in Jesus and teaching me about Him. However, despite taking ownership of my faith in my late teens in response to having read the entire Bible for myself I was still hugely selfish and immature! Thankfully I came across Hunter Bible Church when I started a medical research degree at Newcastle University in 2009. I was totally blown away by clear and solid Bible teaching and midway through 2010 resolved to no longer live for myself but for Him who died for me. Ever since then I've been taking on more and more responsibilities and ministries as a part of Hunter Bible Church. After completing my 3 year degree I jumped from bench to bedside by smashing out a 2 year master of pharmacy at Newcastle. Post university I've worked locally for 4 years with the last 2 years as a private hospital pharmacy manager. I love being a pharmacist but it keeps restricting my time to tell and teach people about Jesus. And to be blunt, despite the world's best medicine people still die and will spend eternity in hell if they don't hear and trust Jesus! What can be done about this? What's a great way to help spread the gospel and grow disciple making disciples?...Can I make a suggestion? Keep me freed up from my day job to continue the final year of an MTS apprenticeship at Hunter Bible Church instead.

    About my Apprenticeship

    I'm in my second of two years. I work 11 days a fortnight for church where I get to tell and teach people about Jesus whilst growing in my own character and ministry skills. I am so thankful to have another year to get better equipped for building Jesus' Kingdom for the rest of my life no matter what happens in the future. My main roles will be training bible study leaders and helping them run and disciple people in weekly bible study groups at the University campus congregation. Training people to read the Bible 1 to 1 and how to be a Bible study leader. I will help plan and run a 5 day mid year conference to convict and grow the members of UniChurch. In addition, I'll be meeting up to 1 to 1 to read the Bible with Uni students and leading a children's ministry at our Lake Macquarie congregation.

    Prayer Points

    - For June'19 I would love prayer for my friend J who is very close to accepting Christ as his saviour. I would also love prayer for finding some long term Creche leaders for LakeMac Kids Church. If you want to partner with me in prayer and receive a monthly prayer letter, go to to register :)