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  • Jack Maddison

    Hunter Bible Church

    Trainer: Scott Curtis

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    Target: 48000. Raised: 18683. Target Date:

    About me

    My name is Jack! I was born in Newcastle and have lived in the Newcastle/Hunter region my whole life. My wife Bethany and I have been married for 2 years, and currently live in Warner's Bay, where we attend and serve at Hunter Bible Church's LakeMac congregation. I am a keen fisherman, and love to wind down with a surf or a walk by the Lake!

    About my Apprenticeship

    I am in the first year of my MTS apprenticeship with Hunter Bible Church, where my focus is on the LakeMac congregation, with particular attention to Church Membership. I have found this to be a challenge, but I have been really encouraged to see our congregation continue to embrace and welcome visitors into our family. I also do a bit of kids ministry in the form of a Friday afternoon kids club called RUSH! My apprenticeship has definitely been a challenge so far. But I'm excited about God's mission for Newcastle and LakeMac and stoked that I am able to be a part of it through HBC and MTS.

    Prayer Points

    As always, prayer is definitely appreciated. Some of the things that are happening at the moment include; Mission - Please pray that I would continue to be diligent in evangelism, and that God would help me to make opportunities to share the Gospel with the people around me. RUSH - Our Friday afternoon kids program is a great place for church kids to bring their school friends along to hear the Gospel, in many cases for the first time. Please pray that we would continue getting good numbers of non Christians at RUSH. But more importantly, that the ones who are coming regularly would place their trust in Jesus. Growth - please pray that I would continue growing, both in character to be more like Jesus, and in competence, for God's glory and finally in conviction that I would continually seek God's will and be driven to serve him with my whole life. Thank you so much for your prayers!