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  • Brooke Hazelgrove

    Hunter Bible Church

    Trainer: Jo Clark

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    Target: 48000. Raised: 24983. Target Date:

    About me

    Hi! I'm Brooke. My name means 'small and wise, in the forest near the river.' (Basically, Yoda.) I was raised in a Christian home and God's grace saw me own my faith in 2002. Since then He's been the most constant thing in my life. I'm passionate about understanding scripture, high fantasy worlds, solving problems of any shape and size, and caring about people. Most recently, I've been a tailor. Now we're inverting the whole 'fitting one thing for another' as I seek, under God's grace, to fit my brothers and sisters for robes of righteousness.

    About my Apprenticeship

    I'm in my first year of MTS. It's my goal to teach international students at our Unichurch congregation about Jesus. I'm also co-leading our Membership team (which helps people to belong to church), and I'll be teaching scripture in schools.So far, there's a lot of wrapping my head around what that means in practice. We're about to launch into the start of university semester, and that means things are about to get BUSY. I'm keen for so many new students coming through our doors. I'm scared of so many new students coming through our doors. How great is God that he uses our imperfect efforts for building his Kingdom? (Pretty great)

    Prayer Points

    Thanks that God is sovereign | Asking to help trust His provision | To love God more than the approval of mankind | To have my identity firmly established in Christ | That I'd run to Jesus when I'm overwhelmed or mess up (because that's a reality) | To lead my brothers and sisters to love God more, and grow in Him, under the strength of His grace alone.