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  • Nicole Tillotson

    St Luke's Anglican Clovelly

    Trainer: Dave Rogers

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    Target: 45000. Raised: 15333. Target Date:

    About me

    I became a Christian through my brother's ministry and the prayers of a wonderful elderly friend called Sylvia. I studied and worked in the social work field. I feel very comfortable in multi-generational environments like the local church or hospital. Some of my heroes of the faith are the octogenarians in my home church. I am very keen to minister to people who are living with adversity.

    About my Apprenticeship

    I am really grateful for the opportunity to train under Dave Rogers at Clovelly Anglican Church. I am keen to minister long term as either a Children's Ministry Worker, an Aged Care Chaplain or a Hospital Chaplain. I am keen to work out during the apprenticeship which I am better suited to pursue.

    Prayer Points

    - Ask God to help me settle in to the apprenticeship well. - Ask God to give me wisdom with regards combining the Youthworks Diploma with my hands on ministry. - Please ask God to provide for my financial needs during the apprenticeship as I do not have some of the Christian networks many others have.