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  • Emma Buster

    St Mark's UNEChurch Anglican

    Trainer: Gary Eastment

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    Target: 56000. Raised: 30068. Target Date:

    About me

    Hey, I'm Emma and live in Armidale, NSW with my husband, Mitch. Before MTS I worked as a dispensary technician in pharmacy. I grew up in a christian family and became a christian myself at 18. My hobby's include reading, walking, cooking and serving and growing in God's wisdom and love.

    About my Apprenticeship

    I have the privilege of doing the MTS apprenticeship at St Marks UNEChurch, Armidale. This is a really amazing opportunity for me to grow and learn many skills while sharing the gospel with members at my church and also on the UNE campus that we are affiliated with. My main roles include female discipleship - reading one to one with many uni aged girls from church, leading both a uni bible study and a senior high school bible study. Organising church for the week, and other church and uni events and also supporting and being involved with the Christians United group on campus. Doing MTS for me is a chance to challenge myself, grow and step out of my comfort zone. And to learn more from God's word and how that shapes different ministries and my own walk with Him.

    Prayer Points

    Would really appreciate prayers. Please pray for me over this apprenticeship to continue to grow and be strengthened in God's word. Pray I will continue to trust God and ask Him for his help and guidance each day. Pray for my husband and I, as newly weds, to continue to support and love one another. Pray for my one to one meet ups, that they will be an encouraging time of growth, conviction and sharing in God's word together. Pray for me with public speaking, as I struggle in this area, that I can be bold and take these challenges on board as they occur. Pray I will do all that I do for God's glory and the sake of His kingdom and not for personal or selfish gain. Pray for opportunities to make friends with non-christians and to share the gospel with them.