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  • Grace Barratt

    St Mark's UNEChurch Anglican

    Trainer: Gary Eastment

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    Target: 56000. Raised: 39667. Target Date:

    About me

    I come from a small town, Deepwater, in the New England, and became a christian in mid high school. After finishing, I took a gap year, then began studying at UNE. I made and ditched a few different life plans through my long 3 year degree, from planning to be an academic, to a teacher... But finally, through learning more of the bible and becoming more involved in campus ministry, I became compelled by the great gospel need and beauty of Christ's mission, and graduated in 2017 with a major in mathematics, ready to start my apprenticeship in 2018.

    About my Apprenticeship

    My apprenticeship has a main focus on developing and growing international student ministry, and also being involved in supporting campus ministry and female discipleship through the AFES group and church. It's really exciting to be involved in casting vision with our students of the great gospel opportunities we have with our large population of international students. I endeavour through Christ's strength to encourage and equip students to hold out the gospel to international students both formally through involvement in outreach events and bible studies, and also informally through loving friendship and care.

    Prayer Points

    - That Aussie Christian students would grow in boldness, love, and conviction of the gospel, such that Christ would lead them to hold out the gospel to our international student population. - That weekly ESL bible studies would be overflowing with patience, wisdom, and love as we seek to overcome language and cultural barriers. - For the particularly huge numbers of Hindu students at UNE who believe that Christianity and Hinduism are basically the same. That the spirit would penetrate their hearts with truth.