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  • Matt Estherby

    Woonona Presbyterian Church

    Trainer: Dal Proudfoot

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    Target: 23000. Raised: 4050. Target Date:

    About me

    Hi my name is Matt,Over the past 6 years I have developed a great and deep love of God and sharing his good news with youth at Woonona Pressy. I have decided to set my photography business aside and for the next 2 years attend Youthworks College and do a MTS apprenticeship.

    About my Apprenticeship

    This year I am looking forward to serving God in:Attending Youthworks College Mondays and Tuesdays learning to understand the bible and how to teach it in youth and young adult contexts.Mentoring youth and young adults in one to one bible reading and discussion groups.Doing Youth Ministry on Friday and Wednesday Nights.Teaching Scripture and writing studies for lunch time group at Woonona High School each Thursday with Dal Proudfoot.Being Mentored in Character and Conviction by Dal Proudfoot

    Prayer Points

    That this year we will see many youth and young adults at Woonona pressy come to know Christ.That this year will be a blessed year for SRE at Woonona High School. Especially for their Christian Lunch time group 'frog' (Fully Relying on God)Through College that my personal walk with God will be deepened, my awareness of his great love increased, and my knowledge of how to share God's word well developed.