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  • Amy Warren

    South Wagga Anglican Church

    Trainer: Scott Goode

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    Target: 23700. Raised: 21535. Target Date:

    About me

    I am a country girl originally from Crookwell NSW.
    God gave me the blessing of a Christian family upbringing, however I didn't claim it as my own faith until I was a young pre-teen. I moved to Wagga in order to study a Bachelor of Arts at Charles Sturt University. My interests include music and dance, movies, dogs, camping, bushwalking and travel.

    About my Apprenticeship

    I am really grateful for the opportunity to train under Scott Goode and his team at South Wagga Anglican Church. I am working mainly with youth (High School age) and children. I am involved in coordinating Sunday School, youth group and service leading. God has given me the ability to communicate the gospel in an understandable way. I also really enjoy using the performing arts in gospel proclamation e.g. singing and dance.

    Prayer Points

    - Ask God to help me settle in to the apprenticeship well.
    - Ask God to give me wisdom with regards taking on too much.
    - Ask God to help me to train up others to minister alongside me.
    - Please ask God to save many children and youth who sit under the sound of the gospel through the ministries of South Wagga Anglican.