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  • Phillip and Sophie Witheridge

    St Paul's Anglican Church Carlingford & North Rocks

    Trainer: Sam Russell

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    Target: 112000. Raised: 33390. Target Date:

    About me

    We got married in March 2018, and have enjoyed studying/working in marketing (Pip) and interior design (Soph) for a few years. One of us loves football and one of us loves Gilmore Girls (we'll leave it to you to guess). But we both love Jesus and are looking forward to learning what full-time ministry looks like.

    About my Apprenticeship

    We're excited for opportunities to open the bible with people of various ages & backgrounds, to grow in our understanding of full-time ministry, and to grow in our ability to minister to people well.

    Prayer Points

    Please pray for our marriage - that we would love & care for each other as we seek to love and care for others. Pray for our training - that we would grow in our ability to minister to people well. Pray also for our church in Carlingford - that God would continue to grow us collectively.