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  • Stephen Dallywater

    Hunter Bible Church

    Trainer: Dave Moore

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    Target: 38500. Raised: 3670. Target Date:

    About me

    My name is Stephen and I'm married to Mim. We have both been at Hunter Bible Church for about 6 years, where we met and have now been married almost 3 years. I grew up as a missionary kid in West Africa, before moving back to Australia when I was 10, to the mid north coast of NSW. After spending some time at Newcastle Uni as well as working, I am now undertaking a Ministry Apprenticeship with HBC.

    About my Apprenticeship

    In 2019 I will begin a 2 year apprenticeship at HBC in Newcastle. I will be trained by Dave Moore, one of the Pastors.This will be an incredible time of growth and challenge for me. I will be praying that during these two years God will be at work in both me and those around me. I will primarily be involved with the students at the residential colleges at Newcastle Uni and the kids program at our morning congregation.

    Prayer Points

    I would really appreciate your prayer for me during this apprenticeship. // For my personal godliness and faith, that I would trust and rely on God and not my own strength. // For my family, that I would continue to love and lead Mim well. // For the students on colleges, that every student at the colleges would, at least, hear the message of the gospel. // For God's kingdom, that He would use me and my ministries to save those that are lost.