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  • Philippa Newman

    Hunter Bible Church

    Trainer: Jo Clark

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    Target: 47600. Raised: 11640. Target Date:

    About me

    Hi! I am Pippa. I am married to James who is currently completing his last year of Teaching at the University of Newcastle. James and I both grew up in the Tamworth. I am the youngest of four children and also a twin! I love any sport, being outdoors, socialising, movies but most importantly Jesus. I completed a degree in Primary Teaching mid 2017 and now I am embarking on a new journey called MTS!

    About my Apprenticeship

    Over the next two years (2019 & 2020) I will be completing an apprenticeship with my Church in Newcastle, Hunter Bible Church (HBC). I will be serving largely at HBC's Lake congregation and encouraging the members at this service to tell people about Jesus. On a daily basis, I might be meeting with women to read the bible, running church events or meeting with my trainer (Jo Clark). The next two years will be hard work but it will be totally worth it for Jesus. I can't wait!

    Prayer Points

    Praise God for giving me this opportunity! // Please pray that God will use me over the next two years and that I will love Him more deeply. // Please pray for the Lake congregation at HBC, that God will use us to make Christ known to everyone living in Lake Macquarie. // Thank God that he has given me a trainer who will point me to Christ, Jo Clark. // Please pray that God will give people generous hearts to financially and/or prayerfully support me.