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  • James Jeffery

    Cornerstone Presbyterian Community Churches

    Trainer: Steven Soldatos

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    Target: 59904. Raised: 3200. Target Date:

    About me

    Originally from South West Rocks, I moved to Sydney for boarding school, went on to complete a degree in politics at the University of Sydney, and am now serving as an MTS apprentice with Cornerstone Presbyterian Church.

    About my Apprenticeship

    My apprenticeship will involve being trained and mentored under the leadership of my pastor, Steven Soldatos, in various areas, including: 1) Preaching, 2) Evangelism, 3) Pastoral Care, 4) Disciplining younger men, 5) Leading a Missional Community, 6) Studying part-time at Christ College.

    Prayer Points

    If you could please pray for the following areas of my life, I would be deeply thankful: 1) Integrity - That I would keep a close watch on my life and doctrine in order that God would be able to work powerfully through me. 2) Love for the Lost - That my passion and zeal to see the lost saved would grow, and that I would be patient and kind with those I am sharing the gospel with. 3) Marriage - That I would love Zenina as Christ loves the church, and that I would be wholeheartedly devoted to her.