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  • James Jeffery

    Cornerstone Presbyterian Community Churches

    Trainer: Steve Soldatos

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    About my Apprenticeship

    My internship will involve being trained and mentored under the leadership of my pastor, Steven Soldatos, in various areas, including: 1) Preaching, 2) Evangelism, 3) Pastoral Care, 4) Discipling younger men, 5) Scripture at a primary school, 6) Leading a Missional Community, 7) Studying part-time at Christ College.

    Prayer Points

    If you could please pray for the following areas of my life, I would be deeply thankful: 1) Integrity - That I would keep a close watch on my life and doctrine in order that God would be able to work powerfully through me. 2) Love for the Lost - That my passion and zeal to see the lost saved would grow, and that I would be patient and kind with those I am sharing the gospel with. 3) Marriage - That I would love Zenina as Christ loves the church, and that I would be wholeheartedly devoted to her.