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  • Simon Swadling

    Christ Church St Ives Anglican

    Trainer: Anton Marquez

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    Target: 30000. Raised: 22385. Target Date:

    About me

    Hullo! I'm a ministry apprentice in St Ives, prior to that I've worked a whole bunch of different jobs, I studied design, worked in an architecture firm, as a warehouse manager, freelance designer and also a pastry chef. Over those years I've thought a lot about ministry but really only came to seriously consider it in the last year or two as I realised that I would regularly give up job prospects to be able to do ministry things, which lead me to realise maybe I should consider ministry! So I'm doing MTS to try and find out if full-time vocational ministry is what I should pursue.

    About my Apprenticeship

    With Anton as my trainer, my main focus is 645, the young adults congregation, especially pastorally caring for the members and helping train and care for our growth group leaders. As well as that I'll be preaching at youth, leading singing at the 9am congregation, and helping out with the running of things and design in the office.Along side this I'll be studying and Advanced Diploma of Ministry and Youthworks college.

    Prayer Points

    Pray for settling into the new pattens and roles in my life, especially balancing church work and study with life.Pray that God would help me to understand if ministry full time is where I should head and how to serve him in thatPray that people in my care would grow in their faith, and that God would use me to do this