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  • Christopher Jansz

    Dalkeith Anglican Church

    Trainer: Mark Grobicki

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    Target: 44000. Raised: 9700. Target Date:

    Prayer Points

    - Pray for humility, gentleness, wisdom, love, and kindness in all my ministry dealings. - Pray for the small Kid's Church group on Sundays, that it would grow in numbers, and grow in love for Jesus. - Pray for Westcoast Youth on Friday's, that we can strengthen young teenagers' faith in Christ in the midst of challenging high school environments. Also pray for newcomers to hear and be changed by the Gospel of Christ. - Pray for my involvement in new Growth Groups this semester, that I would get to know new people well, and that we can mutually encourage and build one another up in the faith. - Please pray for my ministry co-workers, including Mark, Peter, Tony, Judith, Barbara, Larry, and Jane. Thank you for their loving service to the church, and their service in teaching and encouraging myself. - Please pray that through this ministry internship, God would grant me a clearer picture of where He would like me to be involved in ministry and work in the future.