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  • Joanna Hann

    St Michael's Anglican Cathedral Wollongong

    Trainer: Stacey Chapman

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    About me

    Hey! I'm Jo. I'm married to Jonny who is a high school Maths/Scripture teacher and together we enjoy living and serving in Wollongong. I completed a degree in Exercise Science at UOW in 2018 and have worked as a professional beach lifeguard for the past 6 years. I love a good coffee, being outdoors, hanging out with friends and most of all sharing the great news of Jesus Christ with those around me. I'm looking forward to more of these opportunities during MTS.

    About my Apprenticeship

    For the next year and a half (2019/2020), I will be completing an apprenticeship with my church in Wollongong, St Michael's Anglican. I'll be involved in discipling young women and youth, coordinating creche for women's bible study groups, serving pastorally at our Night Church service, leading youth group and scripture in schools. I will also be regularly meeting with my trainer (Stacey Chapman). It's going to be a big, challenging time, but I can't wait!

    Prayer Points

    Praise God for this awesome opportunity! | Please pray that God will use me for his glory and grow me in Him. | Please pray for St Michael's, that God will use us to make Christ known to people in Wollongong and beyond! | Thank God that he has given me a trainer (Stacey Chapman) who will point me to Christ. | Praise God for a church that invests in training gospel workers. | Please pray that God will give people generous hearts to financially and/or prayerfully support me. (If you would like to receive my monthly prayer newsletter, please email me at: