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What is an MTS Apprenticeship?

Brief description of an MTS Apprenticeship and the biblical concepts under-pinning them | click here

Who are MTS Apprenticeships for?

Description of the benefits of doing an MTS Apprenticeship and who should consider doing one | click here

Why do an MTS Apprenticeship?

Read this article by Dave Martin click here

What Apprentice Pathways does MTS Offer?

Apprentices come with a variety of life experiences and future ministry expectations.   MTS offers a variety of Apprenticeship Pathways - to understand what is available click here

How is an MTS Apprenticeship Funded?

Just as are there are a variety of MTS Apprentice Pathways on offer, so too there is a number of options available to financially support an MTS Apprenticeship | click here

What does my MTS Registration / Management & Support Fee pay for?

Apprentices that are registered with MTS pay either a Registration Fee or a Management and Support Fee.  Click here to understand what the MTS Registration / Management & Support fee pays for.

Finding a Trainer or an Apprentice

MTS's preferred option is for the apprentice to be trained in their home church.  However this isn't always possible - to view current available apprenticeships click here. If you want to make an enquiry about apprenticeships, please click here.