Each month we provide a prayer calendar so you can pray for the many different opportunities we have around Australia, and around the world, for multiplying gospel workers through ministry apprentices.

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October 2017

Thank you for partnering with MTS in prayer.     

4 Praise God for the MTS Mission Minded (NSW) & CV Conf (SA) that challenged and encouraged people to serve Christ.
5 Pray for Rowen Hildsen as he leads and grows the MTS equivalent movement in New Zealand
6 Praise God for the many volunteers who work in our churches across the nation
7/8 Pray for growth and development of MTS Apprentices across the MTS movement
9 Pray for renewed energy and spirit for SRE workers as they teach children in the final term of school for 2017
10 Pray for wisdom for Gospel workers that counsel and comfort the victims and families of voilent crimes in Australia and overseas
11 Pray for people in your workplace to seek to know Christ and that God will use you to witness to those around you.
12 Pray for wisdom for Christians as they face and respond to opposition on the subject of same sex marriage
13 Pray for God's comfort and strength to uphold people suffering from terminal illness and wisdom for those who counsel them
14/15 Pray for your church to grow in numbers and to have and impact on the surrounding community
16 Pray that the various MTS recruitment conferences will bear fruit to raise future Gospel workers
17 Pray that each MTS apprentice would be seeking to see 10 people come to Christ during their two year apprenticeship
18 Praise God for the many people who support MTS through prayer, labour, finances and expertise
19 Pray for wisdom in leadership for MTS Trainers across the MTS movement
20 Pray for Leslie Quesado as he leads and grow the MTS equivalent movement in Cuba
21/22 Pray that we make time in our busy-ness to dwell in God's word and presence daily
23 Pray for courage and guidance for those who are considering entering into an MTS apprenticeship in 2018.
24 Pray that your church will encourage a culture of growth and vision to raise more Gospel workers
25 Praise God for the partnerships that MTS is developing with Mentac, Generate, MTW.
26 Pray for the MTS Board as they look at strategic direction for 2018.
27 Pray for Antony Dandato as he leads and grows the MTS equivalent movement in Zimbabwe
28/29 Pray that God will raise an MTS Apprentice for Church@thePeak in 2018 to lead their growing youth ministry
30 Pray for Patricio Oyarzun as he leads and grows the MTS equivalent movement in Chile
31 Pray for peer direction for 2nd year MTS Apprentices who are graduating on 9th November