Each month we provide a prayer calendar so you can pray for the many different opportunities we have around Australia, and around the world, for multiplying gospel workers through ministry apprentices.

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September 2018

Thank you for partnering with MTS in prayer. 

1-2  Pray for wisdom for trainers as they consider who to invite to MTS recruiting confrerences around Australia
3 Praise God for the 100+ people that attended Vic Challenge last month. Praise God for Murray Capill's clear and concise challenge that the gospel makes on our lives
4 Pray for our new Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, to be godly in his leadership of the nation. Pray God will sustain him with courage and boldness in his faith
5 Pray for future Gospel workers to be raised at the WA Challenge Conference being held this Saturday, 8 September 6 Pray that Bendigo Presbyterian Church (Victoria) would get apprentices trained in 2019-2020
7 Pray for the people attending Qld Spur (7-9 Sep) considering an apprenticeship. Pray for David Pitt, Network Coordinator, who is running the conference for the first time
8 -9 Pray the WA Challenge Conference (8 Sep) will draw people to pursue gospel ministry as their life's work. Pray for Matt Waldron as he opens up Hebrews and talks on the danger of playing it safe
10 Pray that the 40+ people contemplating ministry at Vic Challenge last month would keep exploring options, consider an apprenticeship and have faith to trust God
11 Give Dave Martin wisdom as he runs MTS Victoria
12 Ask God to raise $50,000 at the Gospel Patrons Society Annual Dinner tonight to seed fund new apprenticeships
13 Pray for Richard Chin as he leads one of Australia's biggest MTS Training organisations, AFES
14 Ask God to work mightily so that 400 people attend MTS Mission Minded in Katoomba 2018
15-16  Pray that God would grow the MTS movement in Victoria and give the Vic committee wisdom as they seek to raise more trainers across churches to promote apprenticeships
17 Ask God to bless the apprentices training at Bull Creek Westminster Presbyterian Church, Perth
18 Pray that the new online presence in Victoria can be successfully built, will have a receptive audience, will have an impact and inspire apprenticeships
19 Ask God to bless Gary Eastment as he trains apprentices at St Mark's UNEChurch, University of New England, NSW
20 Pray for the MTS Leaders Training Day being held today in the Ross Bakery Stables in Ross, Tasmania. Pray for Campbell Markham as he talks on Responding to Suffering
21 Pray for the MTS Mission Minded Committee as they finalise details for upcoming MTS Mission Minded Conference on 28 Sept - 1 Oct
22-23  Ask God to grow and develop ministry apprenticeships in Christian Schools nationwide
24 Pray for the organisation of the January G8 Conference in 2019 (to be an event where 1st and 2nd year apprentices start the year well)
25 Ask God to help MTS plan well for recruiting and equipping in 2019
26 Ask God to give strength to apprentices who are behind on their support raising
27 Ask God to raise up ministry apprentices to train at Lawson Anglican Church, NSW
28 Ask God to work in the hearts of all those attending the NSW/ACT MTS Mission Minded Conference in Katoomba this weekend
29-30  Thank God for the Peer Group Leaders at MTS Mission Minded and ask that he work through them to guide their peers