Each month we provide a prayer calendar so you can pray for the many different opportunities we have around Australia, and around the world, for multiplying gospel workers through ministry apprentices.

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December 2017

Thank you for partnering with MTS in prayer.     

1 Praise God for a really encouraging MTS Graduation and Commissioning last month
2,3 Pray for an enriching and encouraging time for speakers and attendees at the NTE Conference in Canberra this weekend
4 Praise God for the appointment of our first MTS Director of Training, Eric Thurston
5 Pray for Tim Thorburn, MTS Network Coordinator in Western Australia
6 Pray for Paddy Benn, MTS Network Coordinator for AFES, Sydney
7 Pray for Brett Hall who is training a VBC apprentice in south-west Sydney
8 Pray that people will give generously to the MTS Christmas Appeal to provide MTS its financial needs
9,10 Pray for Andrew Beddoe and the launch of VBC (Vocational Bible College) in Scotland
11 Pray for the recruitment of Cornhill MTS Apprenticeships
12 Pray for Dave Pitt, the MTS Network Coordinator in Queensland taking over from Geoff Tacon
13 Pray for the recruitment of Youthworks MTS Apprenticeships
14 Pray for Geoff Tacon and thank God for his service as MTS Network Coordinator in Queensland
15 Pray for Jake Tuit, MTS Event Coordinator in Tasmania
16,17 Pray for Mikey Lynch, MTS Network Coordinator in Tasmania
18 Pray that as Christmas activities increase, we take every opportunity to proclaim the Gospel and the truth of Christmas
19 Pray for Geoff Lin, MTS Network Coordinator in South Australia
20 Pray for Dave Martin, MTS Network Coordinator in Victoria
21 Pray for Tonny Jenner, MTS Network Coordinator in the Northern Territory
22 Pray for those who find Christmas difficult for various reasons - the sick, the grieving, the lonely, the homeless
23,24 Pray that churches and homes around the nation will be filled with the Holy Spirit this Christmas as we celebrate Christ's birth
25 "The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us." Praise God for the precious gift of his son Jesus - our Saviour King
26 Pray for the development of apprentice training in the Northern Territory. Ben will be visiting the NT in Term 2, 2018
27 Pray for the recruitment of Regional & Rural MTS Apprenticeships for 2018
28 Pray for Stephanie Lee as she works on final preparations for January G8 in Stanwell Tops (21-24 January)
29 Pray for Eric Thurston and his family as they relocate from Vancouver to Sydney in January
30 Pray for the apprentices and their trainers starting in 2018 - for courage, wisdom, patience and strength for the year ahead