Each month we provide a prayer calendar so you can pray for the many diferent opportunities we have around Australia, and around the world, for multiplying gospel workers through ministry apprentices.

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May 2017

This month our prayer focus is on MTS Apprentices and Trainers and those involved as they gather for the G8 Conference in Stanwell Tops on 29-31 May. Thanking God for their passion to see the growth of the Kingdom and ensuring that future generations will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ

1 - For all apprentices to have teachable hearts, equipping them for a lifetime of serving the body of Christ.
2 - That apprentices would continue to demonstrate extensive prayer, reflecting on God's concern
3 - Wisdom for Australian pastors to identify and mentor potential future Gospel workers
4 - Trainers pass on Gospel habits so their apprentices to grow in character, competency and conviction
5 - That apprentices would continue to demonstrate persistence in daily bible reading and applying the Bible to daily life
6/7 - That God would help current apprentice training churches to set a vision for apprentice recruitment for the next 2 decades
8 - Thank you for John Delezio & Adam McCormick who do factory chaplaincy in South Carlton, Sydney
9 - That apprentices would continue to demonstrate a long term interest in people and boldly urge people to respond to Christ
10 - That Australian denominations would devote significant resources to raising up harvest workers (Matt 9:38) for the lost
11 - For apprentices who are doing an apprenticeship in smaller churches that they do not feel isolated.
12 - James Warren and Michael Leite at Engadine Heathcote Anglican Church and Micahel Dodd (trainer) and Scott Williams (apprentice)
13/14 MOTHERS DAY - Thank God for the gift of Mothers, may they raise their children to love and serve Jesus and fearlessly proclaim the Gospel
15 - Ministers Neil Fitzpatrick and Andrew Barry at Jannali Anglican
16 - Stephen Gibson and Brett Middleton at St Luke's Miranda and their apprentice, Russell Denton
17 - That the 2016 2nd Year Apprentices would take the G8 challenge seriously to become trainers
18 - Wisdom for Geoff Lin leading the Train the Trainer Stand 1 and Michael Pledge & Rhett Harris leading Strand 2 at G8
19 - Ask God to help those preparing the Train the Trainer Strand 3 material
20/21 - That on MTS Sunday (June 18) many people throughout church congregations will pray together for future Gospel workers
22 - Pray for energy for MTS staff in the final week of planning and during the running of the upcoming G8 conference
23 - Praise God for Phillip Jensen, give him wisdom as he prepares the main talks to current apprentices and trainers at G8
24 - Wisdom for Ben Pfahlert as he prepares to present the 2nd year apprentices workshop at G8
25 - Wisdom for Craig Glassock who is taking over from from Tony Payne in running the 1st year apprentice workshop at G8
26 - For the trainers that will gather together at G8, may they challenge each other and learn from each other
27/28 - Pray for the safety of G8 attendees travelling from regional NSW and interstate
29 G8 CONFERENCE - G8 conference in Stanwell Tops on 29-31 May. May it be fruitful and a time of great encouragement and fellowship for all attendees
30 G8 CONFERENCE - That all 1st and 2nd year apprentices will be challenged under God's word at G8
31 G8 CONFERENCE - Praise God for the challenges and the encouragement that G8 brings to attendees and pray for safe travels home