Each month we provide a prayer calendar so you can pray for the many different opportunities we have around Australia, and around the world, for multiplying gospel workers through ministry apprentices.

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June 2018

Thank you for partnering with MTS in prayer.  This month we are praying for past and present MTS apprentices.     


1-Jun Praise God for raising over 2,600 gospel workers for the harvest over the last 4 decades of MTS
2-Jun Give thanks for the work of Phillip Jensen and Col Marshall who founded and gave framework to ministry apprenticeships
4-Jun Praise God for the many supporters of MTS who give their labour, influence, finance and expertise to the work of MTS
5-Jun Give thanks for the leadership of Ben Pfahlert as the National Director since January 2007
6-Jun Praise God for the MTS trainers who are mentoring apprentices in Christ-like character, conviction and ministry competence
7-Jun Give thanks for the Timothy Partnership that provides online theological education to people all over Australia, especially in remote areas
8-Jun Pray for the 3% of Australians who have never heard the name of Jesus. Pray that we have an opportunity to reach them.
9-Jun Praise God for the increase of Bible teaching churches in Brisbane Canberra Melbourne Adelaide Perth Albury Orange & Sydney
11-Jun Give thanks for the staff that work in the MTS 'engine room' - Glenda, Eric, Brett, Robyn, Murray, Rebecca and Dave
12-Jun Give thanks for the work of Christian SRE, to keep reglious education in our schools and for the dedication of SRE teachers
13-Jun Give thanks for the people who have worked hard in developing the videos that will be shown during the MTS 40th Celebration
14-Jun Give thanks for publication of Passing the Baton, The Trellis & the Vine, The Vine Project, to capture the MTS DNA
15-Jun Please pray for the final preparations for the MTS 40th Celebration and the staff and volunteers that are coordinating the event
16-Jun Give thanks for those who have contributed photos and other memorabilia to celebrate the memories of 4 decades of MTS
18-Jun Give thanks for the growth of the Vocational Bible College across Sydney, South Australia and Scotland
19-Jun Give thanks for the work of Bush Church Aid Society who place pastors in regional, rural and remote parts of Australia
20-Jun Praise God for Trinity Network of Churches in Adelaide that continue to plant gospel grounded and Christ centres churches
21-Jun Give thanks for the work of the Centre for Ministry Development blessing ministries well beyond the Anglican Diocese of Syd
22-Jun Praise God for the 67 apprentices that have been raised up through Hunter Bible Church since 2001
23-Jun Pray for the churches and training centres that are training apprentices, to be encouraged as they see apprentices develop
25-Jun Praise God for the opportunities He gives us to share the good news of his son, Jesus, to members of our community
26-Jun Give thanks for the growth of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelican Churches in Australia
27-Jun Pray for the 3% of Australians who have never heard the name Jesus
28-Jun Give thanks for Cornhill Sydney, who trains people to understand and proclaim the Holy Bible really well
29-Jun Give thanks for the blessing of fantastic theological colleges across Australia
30-Jun Give thanks for the MTS movement and pray that it will continue to raise Gospel workers for the harvest (Matt 9:38)