Each month we provide a prayer calendar so you can pray for the many different opportunities we have around Australia, and around the world, for multiplying gospel workers through ministry apprentices.

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April 2018

Thank you for partnering with MTS in prayer.     

1 Give thanks for the original 11 apprentices who on this day turn into fearless evangelists!
2 Pray for ministry workers to take time to dwell on Easter following the busy-ness of the season
3 Pray the "Jesus is" campaign in Illawarra churches in March will continue to encourage conversations in the region
5 Pray for Mardi Allen as she settles into her new role as MTS Events Coordinator
6 Pray that churches would encourage every member of their congregation to be evangelists of the gospel
7 Pray for MTS apprentices as they learn to run church service
8 Pray for MTS Apprentice Catherine Dell and her Trainer Anton Marquez at Christ Church, St Ives
9 Pray for MTS apprentices who are teaching SRE/RI classes
10 Pray for the MTS staff team and their families to be protected from attacks from the enemy
12 Pray for follow-up activity to result from all Easter services in churchs around Australia
13 Pray for MTS Trainer, Dan Lee at MBM (Multicultural Bible College) Rooty Hill
14 Pray for young people to be well discipled at KCC Easter Camp and Kids Holiday Clubs in the school holidays
15 Pray for MTS Apprentice Jared Venter and his Trainer Matthew Dodd at WPC Bull Creek
16 Pray for MTS Apprentice Chinzia Liauw and her Trainer Darwin Agahari at Indonesian Presbyterian, Randwick
17 Pray for younge people to be well discipled at KCC Easter Camp and Kids Holiday clubs in the school holidays
19 Praise God for the MTS Pioneering work that Tim & Rosemary Thorburn did in Perth in the 1990's
20 Pray for Matt Pickering at The King's School, Carlingford as he trains Andrew Lam
21 Pray for Glenda Lewis at MTS as she plans the strategic planning staff retreat in August
22 Pray for MTS Apprentice Cameron Petrusma and his Trainer Jonathan Deenick at Riverbank Christian Church, Tasmania
23 Pray for MTS trainers as they meet with their apprentices this week
24 Pray for faithful prayer and financial support for MTS apprentices and the MTS ministry
26 Pray for MTS Apprentice Chris Mok and his Trainer Dave Abraham at St Lucia Bible Church, Queensland
27 Pray that God will raise up thousands of evangelists within the Christian schools in Australia
28 Pray that God will work mightily through Phillip Jensen to raise up harvest workers through 2 Ways Ministry, Sydney
29 Pray for MTS Apprentice Josephine Ong and her Trainer Josh Allen at Laneway Church, Victoria
30 Praise God for the MTS Pioneering work that Gordon & Fiona Cheng did in Melbourne in the 1990's