Each month we provide a prayer calendar so you can pray for the many different opportunities we have around Australia, and around the world, for multiplying gospel workers through ministry apprentices.

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March 2019

Fri 1 Pray for Murray Smith and Ed Loane as they prepare their talks for the NSW/ACT Leaders Training Day next Thursday, 7th March
Sat-Sun 2 Pray for strength and energy for Michael Allen as he seeks to see 13% of Moree become followers of Jesus (Trainer Phillip Brown, All Saints Moree Anglican Church)
Mon 4 Pray God will grow Rachel Millynn in understanding and knowledge of Him, grow her skills in ministry as she trains with Gavin Parsons at St David's Anglican Forestville
Tue 5 Please pray for Bush Church Aid that they would find a Godly person to be their new National Director
Wed 6 Pray for safe travel for Apprentices & Trainers, some from great distances, attending the NSW/ACT Leaders Training Day & Graduation & Commissioning service tomorrow
Thur 7 Praise God for 2017-18 Apprentices attending their Graduation & Commissioning this evening in Sydney. Pray that their apprenticeship has prepared them for a future serving Jesus
Fri 8 Pray for Apprentices that are pastoring children in Youth Groups, may God help them to form good relationships as they share the Gospel with them
Sat-Sun 9 Praise God for supporters who are prayerfully and financially supporting MTS Apprentices in their local churches/ministries
Mon 11 Please pray that the state visit to Tasmania (Hobart) by Ben Pfahlert and Eric Thurston today would inspire local leaders to raise up more harvest workers in Tasmania
Tue 12 Ask God to give past MTS Apprentices who are serving as missionaries overseas endurance as they share the Gospel of Jesus
Wed 13 Pray for Stephen Dallywater to grow in personal godliness and faith, to trust and rely on God and not his own strength as he trains with Dave Moore at Hunter Bible Church
Thur 14 Tim Kimmince at Bundaberg Bible Chapel Fellowship (Trainer Dr Phil Thomas) asks us to pray for the students at the Learning Centre to come to know the love of Christ
Fri 15 Pray for Laura Wardrop to grow in consistency, patience and grace as she is led and trained by Nello Barbieri at Epping Presbyterian Church (Vic)
Sat-Sun 16 Pray for Peter Chan as he seeks confirmation of his calling and suitability for full-time ministry training with Iggy Wong at Coopers Plains Evangelican Church
Mon 18 Please pray that the state visit to Queensland (Brisbane) by Ben Pfahlert and Eric Thurston today would inspire local leaders to raise up more harvest workers in Queensland
Tue 19 Please pray that the state visit to Victoria (Melbourne) by Ben Pfahlert and Eric Thurston today would inspire local leaders to raise up more harvest workers in Victoria
Wed 20 Pray that Tasmanian Trainers would start inviting people to the TAS Challenge Conference in August
Thur 21 Please pray that God would grow Neil Auranaune in his faith, that his character represents someone trying to be more Christ like (Trainer Paul Sheely, Albury Presbyterian)
Fri 22 Pray that Christopher Jansz will show humility, gentleness, wisdom, love and kindness in all his ministry dealings (training with Mark Grobiscki at Dalkeith Anglican Church)
Sat-Sun 23 Ask God to help Sam and Danielle to see what ministry looks like for them as a married couple as they train with Hugh & Jess Jonas at Auburn Anglican Church
Mon 25 Tash G at Auburn Anglican trained by Tim & Alison Cocks asks us to pray that He might increase while she decreases ("He must become greater; I must become less" John 3:30).
Tue 26 Pray that Henry Davis would be faithful in prayer and grow in discipline, organisation and resilience as he trains with Ben Woodd at St Barnabas Anglican Croydon (SA)
Wed 27 Pray that God would help MTS to raise up and train MTS Info Night recruiters in each state of Australia this year
Thur 28 Please pray that Merryn Wilson will recognise and make the most of every ministering opportunity, speaking the gospel clearly and in sincere love (training with Dan Lee at St Albans MBM Anglican)
Fri 29 Please pray that God would assist Dan Nitschke in his studies to know God through his word, to grow in service and humility as he trains with Pete Bradbury at Christ Community Church
Sat-Sun 30 Pray for God to give us courage so that we will be bold in telling our friends and families about Jesus and his impact on our lives
Mon 31 Pray that God will use Owen Vaughan to further the work of the gospel to reach the lost in Sydney's Inner West (Trainer, Prashanth Colombage, St James Anglican Croydon)